55 days till December!

holiday photos

I hope this note finds you well! I can’t believe the festive season is upon us soon! I was just getting my summer pics together! Those long summer days and relaxing nights with family and friends seem like many moons ago! Taking a moment to appreciate the blue waters of the Bahamas & the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, while also taking that there are just 55 days till December, yikes!

I also realize I have been very quiet about what's brewing here at
The Essentials Story. What started this time last year as a strategy my team and I were excited to get behind: looking for the most sustainable materials out there for a thoughtfully designed bag and accessories collection made in our own state of the art factories that also gives back to those in need. These efforts have felt Herculean at times with us having to miss fashion month again & again and wanting to throw the towel in at multiple other junctures! The biggest realization is that being both sustainable and innovative has been a true test of patience and endurance. And it’s been hard not to buckle at all the noise around!

The good news is after testing lots of wonderful materials that didn't make the cut, going to multiple fairs on global material innovation & delving into everything carbon neutral, we are getting closer to the finish line! Also on the upside, we have been been able to tweak the designs to be able to bring you the perfect tote, the ideal crossbody and many others that will be part of the new collection when it finally launches! You heard it here first, the best is yet to come and will hopefully come soon! Look forward to sharing more about our inspiration behind the collection, behind the scenes, how we will be giving back to planet & people and much more, so stay tuned!

Salma, The founder

workshop & design studio photos