Essentials 101 #1 Baking with Fela Sweets


For the Essentials 101 Series, we thought what better topic to kick off this series than baking which we have all done a lot of during the Pandemic! Our special guest for the first part in this series is Denise Da Costa Gomez, Miami’s favorite baker who runs Fela Sweets, the best destination for all things sweet! Fela Sweets is named after Denise‘s grandmother and baking has been a real passion for Denise since she was a little girl growing up on the Caribbean island of Curaçao. Denise shares the Essentials of Baking, how it's a different skill set to cooking, what contraptions and ingredients you need for to bake well. Finally Denise shares how to make a baking essential : chocolate brownies! 


Check out our Baking video with Denise on Instagram for some of pearls of wisdom about baking.