Celebrate Earth Day with us!


As we get ready to launch our collection #OliveEdition, we wanted to pay tribute on Earth Day to others that have inspired us along the way. Also included in this list are some of our favorite books, films and podcasts to truly celebrate Mother Earth, any day of the year.

Brands that inspire us

Another Tomorrow: Just launched their authenticated resale model which truly supports the longest life cycle of products

Aera Shoes: Truly believes that luxury and sustainability can co-exist with their efforts in being carbon neutral and love their ethos that #EverydayIsEarthDay

Films that inspire us

Seeds of Vandana Shiva: inspiring film from iconic environmental activist showing how we can sow the seeds of another future with Earth Democracy

David Attenborough's film Life on our planet, is a true celebration of the earth, need we say more?

Oliver Jeffers: Here we are, notes for living on planet earth: inspiring film to celebrate earth day with kids

Podcast that inspires us

Reseed: A podcast by Alice Irene Whittaker about repairing our relationship with nature

Book that inspires us

Book of Hope by Jane Goodall: With the worsening climate crisis, a global pandemic, and loss of biodiversity, how do we find hope to change our lives and believe that every one of us can truly make a change that counts

Influencers that inspire us

Aditi Mayer: Beautifully combines style, sustainability and social justice in the most compelling way

Celine Semaan: Spotlights all things that intersect climate justice & human rights