Sustainability Stories with Jessica Kelly of THR3EFOLD

Salma Merchant Rahmathulla & Jessica Kelly

Follow our #SustainabilitySpotlightStories on Instagram and our blog for inspiring stories of people and initiatives around the world protecting and healing our planet. In our Live Talk Jessica provides an insight into her work at THR3EFOLD and the hottest trends in sustainability.

Jessica is the founder of THR3EFOLD a sustainable sourcing platform providing apparel brands with access to ethical suppliers, sourcing tools, and sustainability training. Jessica has spent over a decade at the top fashion PR firms and trade shows in the world, helping hundreds of brands through marketing, sales, and PR. She is passionate about leveraging the fashion industry to create a positive impact on people and the planet. Over the years THR3EFOLD has become a leader in the sustainable fashion space, and it has been featured in FORBES, WWD, Nasdaq and more.

The main takeaways from the talk:

- Even if you know that you are not perfect, focus on your sustainability journey to make better decisions day by day. Good things take time.

- After she visited factories in Asia she decided to set up a platform where brands can get connected to the right factories and make educated decisions about their supply chain.

- Fashion is a product-based business, we need to keep this in mind and remember that a simple t-shirt can pass through 100 hands before it reaches the consumer, we are all so much more connected than we think.

- In the textile industry exciting innovative materials are on the horizon with an incredible understanding of science combined with making things more biodegradable.

- There is a focus on traceability but what about measuring all of this for the greater good?

- The new fashion legislation in the US and the EU will play an important role in sustainability as it requires brands to be responsible for their supply chain & the way they pay their workforce. Also, change the way we talk about sustainability so there is less confusion for consumers in a world of so much greenwashing.

- It is so important to partner with people that allow you to move the needle forward.

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Watch the full interview with Jessica who took us on her sustainability journey and shared her inspiration for setting up THR3EFOLD. She also shines a light on what she is most excited about in sustainability right now.
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