The Tokyo Guide by Alvaro Perez Miranda

Alvaro Perez Miranda art dealer/restaurateur @blackshipmoment / @wabisabibyshuji /@hiyakawamiami
Alvaro Perez Miranda is an art dealer/restaurateur (@blackshipmoment / @wabisabibyshuji /@hiyakawamiami) currently based in Miami.

"As an artist, Tokyo helped me to understand better the meaning of being patient, taking time to achieve quality, respect for the product you are cooking by bringing out its flavor but not overpowering it with spices, salt. By appreciating Sakura, that delicate flowers tells you a lot about Japan, still is fascinating for me, is all about the moment. That’s why I decided to name my gallery Blackship moment."

When you arrive to Narita the best way to get to your hotel is by Narita Express or the Limo Bus, you can find them as soon as you come out of the airport and the cost is between $28-$50.

If you want to go by taxi the cost will be about $200.

Where to stay:

Best areas to stay in Tokyo are Roppongi (Grand Hyatt) Akasaka (ANA Hotel) Shibuya (Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel) Ginza (Imperial Hotel-which is a architectural jewel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) and my FAVORITE hotel in Japan is the Okura which went to $1 billion renovation and is a mid century ICON, gorgeous and right in front of the American Embassy in Tokyo.

What to explore:

Shinjuku district is famous about its super busy train station, streets with neon lights and tiny yakitory bars. Areas like Nakameguro, Asakusa, Jyugaoka, Kappabashi (to buy ceramics) are also worth to explore.


Sato Museum in Shinjuku, it’s a very small museum promoting Nihonga painting for young artists, Nihonga is a 2000 years old technique that uses crushed natural pigments mixed with rabbit skin glue, washi paper and mounted on wood, the technique is fading due to the cost and the Sato Museum encourage young artist and teach them about it.

If you're a fan of the famous contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama, this museum is a must see in Tokyo! The gallery features a showcase of some of her early works on the first floor but the highlight is the Infinity Room. This room with mirror walls is designed to reflect randomly flashing pumpkins that make you feel like you are in an infinite experience.

The Mori Art Museum which is located on the 52nd and 53rd floor of The Roppongi Mori Tower, presents contemporary Asian art such as Ai Weiwei and Bill Viola. The view of the city is stunning from the top of the tower.
Where to eat and drink:

Tokyo is one of the dream destinations for any foodie. I created this list with my top picks to help you discover Tokyo's food scene.

Sushiso Masa

Ryugin (my favorite restaurant, you can't miss it out in Tokyo)

Seirinkan (best pizza ever in Nakameguro)

Katsushi in Ginza

Kappou in Ginza (only 7 seats, AMAZING)

Azabu Kadowaki in Azabu Juban

Kikunoi in Akazaka (one of the best)

Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai (best tofu)

Ginza Ukai-tei (teppanyaki)

Sanomatsu in Gakugeidaigaku (local and very nice, my every week restaurant and it is open only Fridays and Saturdays)