Featured in Holiday Gifts by Beauty and Well-Being

"First, the Essentials Story has introduced a premier collection of expertly crafted goods called 'The Essentials Pack.' The brand designed this collection of sustainably-produced carrying cases in consultation with medical experts. As a result, each portable carrying case facilitates everyday well-being through hygienic storage of life’s new essentials. Seamlessly transport your typical everyday items, such as your phone, credit cards, and keys. Don’t forget your personal protective items either, like face masks and antibacterial wipes.
The first collection includes a set of seven elegant, hand-crafted packs. Some of the world’s most alluring and energetic cities inspired each one. For instance, you can select from cities like New York, London and Tokyo. What’s more, the bags are antimicrobial and made from sustainably-sourced materials. The collection is also 100 percent vegan and made from locally-sourced materials. Everything is produced in energy-efficient factories, where contents and packaging are recyclable, reusable, or both!"