2020 Made Me Grateful - Rachel's Story #5

What did you do this year that you had never done before?
Like many others, I slowed down more than ever before. I spent a lot more time reflecting on the things that are truly important and developed an increased appreciation for time spent with loved ones. 
Once things open up, where would your dream vacation be? 
The French Countryside - we were supposed to visit this past summer. 
What are you looking forward to doing in 2021?
I am really looking forward to seeing my parents.
How different do your new year's resolutions look like next year?
They will certainly focus more on what I have than on what I want. 
Favorite Story from 2020? (Story of Optimism/Hope?) 
I am thankful for the silver linings of 2020. One of my favorites was to witness my two boys form a bond like never before after all of the time spent away from school and their friends. 
Sunset or Sunrise?  Mountain or Ocean? Morning or Night Person?  


In my opinion, the sunrise is underrated, especially in Miami where the sun rises over the ocean.  
I am going to cheat and say the mountains next to the ocean, like in Rio or Cape Town, I think this is the most stunning combination.

I’m a morning person, but only after my espresso.

What do you wish you had told yourself in March when it all started?
That worrying more won’t affect the things we cannot change. 


What's been Essential/Kept you going during this time?
Yoga. Every morning. 


What do you like best about Your Essentials Pack? Where has it gone with you?  
My favorite part of my Essentials Pack is the charitable donation that was made with my purchase. Every purchase of an Essentials Pack has a charitable component, and my purchase directly supported NEHA, a non-profit organization that works with women and children in the dense slums of Mumbai. 


What's been the best find for your Pack? 
I don’t go anywhere without a small bottle of hand sanitizer these days, I love how it fits perfectly in my pack.  


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