2020 Made Me Grateful - Salma's Story #4

I am Founder & Creative Director for The Essentials Story, I live in Miami with my husband and 2 kids trying to build a business, give back to those in need, raise 2 compassionate humans and live my best possible life.

What did you do this year that you had never done before?

Long Bike Rides, Creating my food cravings rather than Ordering them & finally 'Enjoying' Tennis!

Once things open up, where would your dream vacation be?

I am craving people and culture!! First stop will definitely be to London/Mumbai/Dubai to see family since we have not traveled anywhere since this started but dream vacay right now is a Decadent Safari in East Africa.

What are you looking forward to doing in 2021?

Bring Essentials Story's second collection to life, looking forward to hugging those I love, going to museums, concerts & festivals with lots & lots of people!

How different do your new year's resolutions look like next year?

Learning the lessons from this year so next year is not like any year, things don't go back to 'normal', normal wasn't working : Continue to practice gratitude, saying no, I will now only go to things and be with people that give me joy and sticking to a morning/night ritual which have given me so much comfort in these times.

Favorite Story from 2020? (Story of Optimism/Hope?)

So many people doing amazing acts of kindness even in these times. I think the frontline workers dedication in these times has really been inspiring.

Sunset or Sunrise?


Mountain or Ocean?


Morning or Night Person?

Morning when it happens!

What do you wish you had told yourself in March when it all started?

Enjoy every moment with your loved ones, this too shall pass and you will miss the calm.

What's been Essential/Kept you going during this time?

Morning & Night Ritual - switching off on weekends and seeing our kids so resilient through it all.

What do you like best about Your Essentials Pack? Where has it gone with you?

I cant go out without it! It fits everything I need and more in neat compartments. Fav feature is the easy access to wipes! It has gone everywhere with me and next thing on our radar is making one for kids! Yes I let the cat out the bag! 

What's been the best find for your Pack? 

Love my Touchland sanitizer, glowstick from supergoop and I love the mask which comes with the pack!

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