2020 Made Me Grateful - Samina's Story #6

My name is Samina, I’m a mother of 2 girls. I help restaurants with Social Media Marketing in Dubai and also enjoy Instagramming in my free time. 
What did you do this year that you had never done before?
Stayed indoors for almost 2 months with the rest of the world. 
Spent a lot more time with family which I don’t get time for otherwise due to work.
Once things open up, where would your dream vacation be?

Italy, California, Amsterdam.

What are you looking forward to doing in 2021? 

Will be starting my own PR agency for F&B.

How different do your new year's resolutions look like next year?

Not a lot different. 

Favorite Story from 2020? (Story of Optimism/Hope?)

I loved that the whole world was 1 at one point in 2020. We were doing and feeling the exact same feelings/emotions of uncertainty but still shared our optimism through social media that felt like it brought all of us together. 

Sunset or Sunrise?  Mountain or Ocean? Morning or Night Person?

Sunrise, Mountain, Morning person. 

What do you wish you had told yourself in March when it all started?

That everything is going to be ok and we all need this break to just realise the importance of certain things that we wouldn’t have otherwise. 

What's been Essential/Kept you going during this time?

My new addiction to the gym / Netflix. 

What do you like best about Your Essentials Pack? Where has it gone with you?
Being a germaphobe, I love that it has separate compartments for all the essentials to prevent cross-contamination.
School runs, grocery shopping, breakfast, lunches and doctors appointments.  
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