#CelebrateMom - Saranga's Story

During Mother's Day earlier this year, we asked some colleagues to give us a window into their lives at the height of the pandemic and what life was like. 

Saranga is the Purchase Executive at The Essentials Story. Her story is especially interesting since she is based in India which is suffering from a second wave. Saranga helps with purchasing raw materials and ensuring stock levels for all the components are in order for The Essentials Story. She is based in Nasik, India, a few hours from Mumbai and lives with her husband, their 9-year-old son Saransh & her husband's parents.

'This is the second time we are facing lockdown & India is suffering a lot in this second wave, every day around 3.5 million Indians are getting infected which creates its own level of anxiety. But every time there is something to learn. The upside is increased family time, learning and teaching new skills to my son. The downside is seeing the images on the tv about what's happening in other parts of the country and feeling helpless in trying to do something about it all. There are also break-less duties at home, managing household work, my son's online classes & being a Purchasing Executive. Working from home creates more anxiety as you are entirely dependent on technology which doesn't always work where I live. My son has become supportive in all aspects. At the beginning, he was reluctant to be at home all the time but after a period of time, he has understood the importance of being home to stay safe.

It was a tough job to take care of the health of my parents & also my in-laws during this time. My husband and I continuously worry about their health conditions especially since things have gotten so bad in the country and always thinking about the dreaded what if consequences we all face right now. We also have new-founded respect for front line health care workers specially nurses and doctors for all they are doing to take care of people with the coronavirus: WE ADMIRE YOU GREATLY. A good reminder is that bad & good situations will come and go but we as a nation will never stop fighting.’