Giving back is at the heart of everything we do

We started an initiative earlier this year, where we supported children in the poorest districts of Mumbai with their school fees so that they could continue online classes, sit their end of year exams to go onto the next grade and even be allowed back into their school premises. In many families, the earning members of families have either lost their jobs or their earnings have been drastically reduced because of Covid which resulted in many children's basic right of going to school being taken away from them overnight. We were able to step in, pay their fees & help these children go back to school.



With every purchase in the height of the pandemic we were able to distribute hygiene essentials including masks and sanitizers urgently needed by the residents of the slums of Mumbai. With little ability to social distance and a critical need for sanitary supplies, these struggling communities were facing an unprecedented health crisis and increasing economic fragility.

contributing essentials

Our partner SNEHA during the pandemic was able to distribute the following:

Masks 312,829

Sanitizers 176,984

Gloves 140,250

Disposable Caps 12,500

Face Shields 7,989

Full PPE Kits 32,386

Looking forward, we are excited to continue our partnership with the charity SNEHA and proud to support children and teenagers between the ages of 10-19 with a program that supports their mental & physical wellbeing through experiential education, community mobilisation and provision of critical health services.


Sneha contributes essentials to people in the slums
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