Interview with Sangeetha Vadanan - Associate Director, Fundraising & Donor Partnerships of SNEHA

India - Covid 19 situation

Sangeetha Vadanan of Sneha Mumbai sharing the realities on the ground and answering some of the following poignant questions:

- What is it like living in Mumbai right now under lockdown?
- What is the reality for people living in the slums?
- How are COVID protocols followed in such densely populated areas?
- Why is Mumbai fairing better than Delhi & Bangalore right now?
- If you want to get vaccinated in India right now, can you?
- Why is it that only 11% of the population is vaccinated right now?
- How are the youth managing to access online education without the use of their own smartphones?
- How are members of the community taking matters into their own hands?

We discussed the toll on mental health, stress of procuring oxygen, medicines and food for your loved ones.

We also talked about the incredible work that @snehamumbai_official is doing on the ground to support families with relief packages, freezer initiatives for local vaccination drives & distributing PPE to frontline workers.

Finally, the importance of people coming together to carry out small acts of kindness during these times.

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