2020 Made Me Grateful - Seema's Story #3

I live in Miami but born and raised in New York via Mumbai, if that makes any sense?! Let’s put it this way, my heart is half Indian and half New Yorker. Miami is the current chapter in my life and I am enjoying discovering myself through this journey with my family. I am a full time mom of twin boy and girl and enjoy the opportunity to write and play copious amount of tennis because the weather in Miami lends itself to indulge in such a hobby. I never leave the house without my London Essentials Pack in my favorite color, orange.
What did you do this year that you had never done before?

I had never been on a hiking trip, and this year is THE year to be outside. It was the first time I had taken a trip with my family to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have always enjoyed being active  and taking in nature, walking through it with your family was truly a wonderful experience. There was a lot of together time and appreciating the basics in such a formidable backdrop was euphoric.

Once things open up, where would your dream vacation be?

Once things open up my dream vacation: It depends on what season. If it is winter or early spring, a ski trip is at the very top of my list. I would like to ski in Europe with my family. It could be Courchevel or Lech, somewhere with lots of terriane and amazing slope side restaurants to eat fondue and racelette. If it is summer then I would choose Italy and I can’t be specific because there are just too many places to love. But I know it will be Italy.

What are you looking forward to doing in 2021?

2021, I hope to travel more and make up for the all the trips we couldn’t take and people we haven’t seen. More time with our loved ones and creating memories. 2020 has taught me to not take anything for granted and really make the most of my time.

How different do your new year's resolutions look like next year?

New Year’s resolution would be to shed the pandemic poundage of 15 lbs. To make every day count and find joy in simple things daily, something I hadn’t given real thought to until now. Read more and less Netflix!

Favorite Story from 2020? 

Favourite story of optimism for 2020-I am drawing a blank… Maybe Kamala Harris as Vice President is the best news of 2020. This could be too political…

Sunset or Sunrise?  Mountain or Ocean? Morning or Night Person?

I am a sunset person and night person. I have never been a morning person but I can be awake as late as needed if I am having fun, I don’t think about the consequence of a brutal awakening in the morning after a fun night. Between Ocean and Mountain is a tough call, I am an avid skier and have recently developed a love for hiking. But the calm and beauty of the ocean is what I wake up to everyday so I can’t dismiss that completely.

What do you wish you had told yourself in March when it all started?

What I had wished I told myself in March- Take a deep breath and try to stay calm. Lots of things will be thrown your way so take it day by day. This pandemic has taught me to enjoy simple pleasures.

What's been Essential/Kept you going during this time?

What has kept me going is my family and how much I love being with them and growing with them. We all have friends but the ones that we bubbled with during the lockdown are friends that will always have a special place in my heart. We physically went through this pandemic together. Tennis has been a great outlet for physical activity and it is one of the few activities that are safe and social.

What do you like best about Your Essentials Pack? Where has it gone with you?

What I love about my essentials pack (The London) are the compartments, the colors ( I would never wear black), the convenience. I love it so much that I have gifted it too many people. I use it in my daily life and I will be getting the Mumbai once I start to travel to keep everything organized.

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