Spotlight on Extraordinary Women - Rosa, from The Woma Project of cult resort brand: Yosuzi


Meet Rosa from La Guajira desert in Venezuela
Meet Rosa from La Guajira desert in Venezuela.

Rosa is part of The Guajiro community that ranks second among the poorest places in Latin America after Haiti. The community here struggles to preserve their ancestral culture & typically youth leave their communities for urban areas. @Yosuzi tries to keep their traditional craftsmanship alive by having artisans like Rosa work with other members of her community to weave hats called ‘Woma’ made from Iraka Palm Straw. Each hat is handwoven and takes up to 8 hours to weave. The hat patterns and symbols represent the spiritual wisdom of the tribe. 

Rosa is thrilled to turn her heritage passed down from her grandmothers and mothers to granddaughters and daughters across generations in order to raise herself, her family & her community. Artisans like Rosa are able to share their rich heritage and in turn create a livelyhood that supports her family without having to leave her community. Its a true celebration to see the hats of artisans like Rosa worn and loved by Fashionistas all over the world.