Spotlight on Extraordinary Women - Thérèse, supported by Together LiBeirut

Thérèse, supported by Together LiBeirut
Thérèse is 52, she is the shop owner of C&C with her husband, she studied political science, she is a real estate broker, she used to rent buses to make trips all around the country. She is married with two boys and cares for 3 families.

     When the Beirut blasts happened in the summer of 2020, she was home. Her whole home was smashed into pieces, she luckily only suffered a knee injury from the kitchen wall glass that landed on the sofa where she she was sitting.
     She tried to call her husband and children and no one was answering because the lines were cut, she was hearing screaming and then she stopped listening because of the loud sound.
     The second day she cleaned their home, and her husband cleaned the shop. They worked 2 weeks before getting back on their feet, they paid all the repairs but lost all the products in the shop in the blast.
     She is grateful for the support from @togetherlibeirut who are optimizing the range of products sold in her shop & identifying long-term strategic suppliers. She is scared of the future since her children want to leave the country, they invested a lot of money on the education of their children, and she is very sad thinking about their futures. When the shop was refilled, she felt a bit better, she felt that she was born again because she feels like she had a second chance.
Women should stay strong to protect their families. Therese gets her strength to keep fighting because of her prayers and her children.