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The world wasn’t working for girls before 2020.

It definitely isn’t working now.

20 million

Girls may never return to the classroom, leaving them at greater risk of violence, child marriage and pregnancy

Girls’ education and COVID-19, Malala Fund 2020


With International Day of the Girl and Poverty Spotlight Day this week, we wanted to put some essential lessons from UN Week together to help you in your giving back journey. Also for those of you with an affinity in India and interested in organizations doing great work on the ground, we wanted to spotlight some of our favorites & happy to put you in touch with some of these inspiring founders if it would help!


  • We have to take a feminist and empathetic view on philanthropy, basic compassion and common sense is a pre-requisite
  • The most marginalized will be the least equipped to deal with climate change
  • We need to come together to solve these problems, individually we will hit a glass ceiling
  • Once you have partnered with change-makers on the ground flexible, unrestricted and multiyear funding is key to getting lasting change
  • Reports and Projections are great but even better is to ask the organizations closest to the ground what they know and what they need
  • Depth of the scale has to guide the breadth when it comes to giving back
  • Most vulnerable communities need solutions that can't be scaled
  • When you support an organization, they support people, a movement
  • The most successful are those that have been hyper-local, empowering local leaders, collaborating with local governments & unleashing the power of technology 
  • South by south learning is key, the majority of the world's problems have been solved by a minority of people miles away from the realities on the ground
  • We all know of successful Indians but 1bn people don't have access to equity in India and the distance between people's lived experiences is getting wider & making an understanding between both sides of the spectrum impossible
  • The biggest threat for many NGOs in India is not funding but the laws that make the day-to-day so hard
  • Organizations like Dasra can help you find organizations to partner with on the ground and finding people to have like-minded conversations when it comes to giving can make it much more effective


Project Potential Founded by the rising star Zubin Sharma )

ProtsahanFounded by rising star Sonal Kapoor )

Educate Girls GloballyFounded by the icon Safeena Husain )

IndustreeFounded by the icon Neelam Chhibber )

Catalyst 2030Founded by the icon Jeroo Billimoria )

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