Giving Back


Giving back will always be a recurring chapter in The Essentials Story. 

We pledge to have ongoing partnerships with local charities devoted to critical causes, from supporting women and children in need to aiding frontline medical workers. With immense challenges rippling from the COVID-19 pandemic, the world’s most vulnerable individuals have never been more at risk. And it’s not just immediate relief that’s needed, Oxfam estimates that by 2050, over 500 million will enter abject poverty.

Now is the time to give back.

Our first initiative sits particularly close to our hearts. The Essentials Story has partnered with SNEHA, a non-profit organization that works with women and children in the dense slums of Mumbai close to our factories. With little ability to social distance and a critical need for sanitary supplies, these struggling communities are facing an unprecedented health crisis and increasing economic fragility. 

So for every Essentials Pack sold, we will donate basic hygiene essentials (masks, gloves, and antibacterial sanitizer) to residents of these urban settlements.

If you are inspired to further donate to the amazing work of our partner Sneha Mumbai, use the link below.