For each accessory you buy from The Essentials Story, we contribute essentials to women and children in the slums of Mumbai.

What is essential in life?

"Connecting to a much wider world."

It was time to focus on the things she loved and the values that shaped her. She decided to combine her experience with NGOs, her family business that worked ethically with artisans in Nashik, India, where her father grew up, and her love of connecting people by creating a new brand. One that connected people by supporting communities and giving back. One that would be made sustainably. And one that would help people be organized and responsible. Her vision: to build a platform for all the essential things in life.


To create a thoughtful collection of bags, you need a thoughtful designer. Head Designer of The Essentials Story Neerja studied accessories design in Delhi, Milan and Melbourne, worked with luxury brands in Sydney, Melbourne and London. Her designs have a cosmopolitan edge, and simple, clean aesthetic. But to her, functionality is essential. In life, as well as in design, everything has to have purpose.

"Moving forward, sustainably."
Eszter is the queen of adapting and learning new ways of doing things. Her granddad had a small knitwear company in Hungary, and she grew up surrounded by knitting and sewing machines. She studied accessories design in Budapest and Paris. When she moved to London, she left her sewing machine at her family home, so she started expressing her creativity on the computer. When Salma approached her with the idea of connecting people through bags and stories, Eszter jumped on board to help with the graphic design and visual feel for the website and social media. For her, it's essential to move forward and enjoy life consciously.
"Support and safety."
Once the first collection of bags were thoughtfully designed in London, they were sampled in Nashik, India. Maithelee studied fashion design in India and Rome, and enjoys the precision of making a bag from scratch. She tests the designs in different materials and sees how they work. She is inspired by new trends, innovation and quality.
"Treating every single person like they are family.""
Sandip helped source the local materials for the first collection of bags, organize production and distribution. He completed his post graduation management course from Middlesex University & graduation from Pune university. With over a decade's experience working in safe and fair factories, he oversees the making of each individual pack, pouch and bag -- from the first order in October 2020 till today. He is connected to every single person in the supply chain of our boutique operation, and knows the importance of treating each step and each person with respect ad responsibility.
Together, we combine our essential values and years of experience serving the luxury market to mindfully create the best accessories for you.
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