Our Sustainability Manifesto
We know it's hard for customers to decide on the right tote, pack or bag to buy while being sustainable and socially responsible. At The Essentials Story, we can be totally transparent about our supply chain and sustainable practices, because we directly manage the making of your bag, from design to distribution. So you can make the best choice for yourself and the planet.

Thoughtful design

All of our packs and bags are thoughtfully designed, versatile and made to last. This means you don't need to buy bags of bags, just the essentials. We design to minimize waste during the prototype and manufacturing process.

Locally sourced vegan materials

We use vegan materials because we don't like hurting animals. We're constantly looking for better, more suitable materials where quantity and durability are never compromised. We source local raw materials to reduce our environmental and carbon footprint.


Shipping from our factories in India directly to our customers means that we cut down unnecessary transport between factory to wholesaler and retailer. This helps to reduce our carbon emissions and prices!

No overproduction

Since we manage our own production facility, we don't need to order in bulk. We produce the exact number of packs, totes and bags we need, so there's no waste. This also means that we can customize each order to suit your needs.

Respect for our artisans

Our artisans in Nashik, India work in facilities that have the ISO 14001:2015, ensuring that your bag is made in safe working conditions. In addition, we use REACH-compliant materials to protect our workers' health and the environment.

Giving Back

The Essentials Story has partnered with SNEHA, a non-profit organization that works with women and children in slums of Mumbai. So every bag you buy results in a donation of health essentials to them. We also support the local community around our factories in Nashik by assisting local farmers, donating to local charities and organizing blood donation camps and health check ups for our employees.

Supporting Changemakers

We support a diverse range of changemakers through our Spotlight on Optimism series, and share tips on life's essentials with our online community in our Essentials 101 series. Our vision is to enable everyone to go out and seize the day with optimism, responsibility and care.
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